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…a learning environment in which there is one teacher for every student, because one-on-one is the best way to learn. accredited school designed to accommodate aspiring athletes, professional performers, students with unique schedule restrictions, students with learning differences, or those who need or want an individualized private education.

…a school where no one is left behind or held back from reaching his or her full potential.

"...she got the love learning back"

A mother thought she was losing her daughter until Gateway academy awakened her love of learning!

About Gateway Academy

About Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy is the personalized alternative to traditional education. Our school offers a unique approach to education that allows every student to learn at their own pace, whether remedial or accelerated, without leaving any student behind or holding a student at a slower pace.

Whether students want to catch up, get ahead, or simply need a break from the traditional school setting, Gateway Academy is where they can help direct their own education, all while meeting required state standards and guidelines. Accredited by AdvancED, Gateway Academy offers all academic subjects in all grades.

Gateway Academy is operated by the Learning Lab, a Nashville-based educational services company.

Our Approach at Gateway Academy

Our Approach

We believe that learning is a lifetime pursuit. The Gateway approach is to measure success by subject mastery and student satisfaction with the experience of learning. Mastering the art of learning serves Gateway students long after their formal education is behind them.

At Gateway Academy, we believe in a team effort to achieve the best results. We share weekly reports of each student’s sessions that outline progress, issues encountered and specific areas in which we recommend additional focus.

Our Environment

Gateway Academy features a unique learning environment: The one-on-one concept we offer enables flexible schedules and individualized instruction that meet state standards.

Each classroom at Gateway is a classroom of one, where each student receives a customized learning program based upon his or her specific talents, strengths, needs and interests. Our individualized approach ensures that each student moves ahead only after mastering the material at hand, each at their own pace.

Student Body

Student Body

There is no standard student profile at Gateway, parents enroll their children here for any number of reasons. The primary goal is ensuring their child receives as first-rate education that prepares them for life. However, the Gateway approach is particularly beneficial to students in unique learning situations. Our student body includes…

  • Students who require flexible schedules due to serious participation in sports or the arts.
  • Students who need a break from a traditional school setting.
  • Homeschooled students who need help in one subject or who want full time one-on-one or small group instruction in some or all courses.
  • Students who want Honors or AP level courses.
  • Those for whom new technologies can enhance their ability to learn.
  • Students with learning difference that require a more flexible curriculum.
Something Extra

Something Extra

At Gateway, your one-of-a-kind student will receive a complete, one-on-one education that is personalized to accommodate his or her strengths and weaknesses, and boost confidence while building critical thinking skills.

Gateway Academy provides a supervised and welcoming environment to help them find a direction that links their intelligence and aptitudes to a specific goal.

Beyond the core subject areas at Gateway, we also offer pragmatics instruction and Feuerstein brain-tested cognition training through on-site learning specialists. FIE helps those of any age to “learn how to learn” by enhancing thinking skills. As an added benefit, it can improve a student’s sense of responsibility – even reduce behavioral issues. Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment is highly specialized and instructing others in the discipline requires unique certification.

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If a traditional school setting has taken the sparkle out of your child’s eye, Gateway Academy may be just what he or she needs to return it.

Contact Gateway Academy and let’s have a conversation about your child’s academic needs and goals, and how Gateway Academy can help him or her to get there.

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Accredited by AdvancED

Gateway Academy is an accredited, full-time school for students from K through grade 12. It is owned and operated by the Learning Lab, a professional educational services company that has been educating students in Middle Tennessee for more than 30 years.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Provide comprehensive, individually focused learning that prepares students of all ages for academic and life success, based upon their unique needs and goals.


We believe a comprehensive educational program should…


At Gateway Academy, we value…


Gateway Academy Brentwood

Gateway Academy Brentwood
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Gateway Academy Nashville

Gateway Academy Nashville
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Gateway Academy is operated by the Learning Lab, a Nashville-based educational services provider.

Gateway Academy is a Learning Lab School

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